1/2 Cup Butter Bell, Red

1/2 Cup Butter Bell, Red
Brand: Tremain, Inc.
Product Code: TMNBB-RED
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What is the secret to easy to spread butter that is kept fresh without refridgeration? The ButterBell keeps butter fresh and spreadable for up to 30 days without refrigeration. Modeled after the original French design, the butter crock is made from durable glazed stoneware or dolomite clays. To use, firmly pack one stick of softened butter into the bell-shaped lid, pour cold water into the base of the crock, and place the lid upside down back into the base of the crock. For optimal freshness, replace every 2-3 days. It is this combination that keeps butter soft and fresh on the counter for days. Made of high quality glazed stoneware; dishwasher safe.